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Welcome to the world of Florida Pool Corporation

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A Little About Florida Pool Corporation - 50 years Young

Florida Pool Corporation is a family corporation that follows the mission of our founder, to follow our Swedish heritage of building the best, the safest and the most innovative swimming pools possible.

Our firm is a recognized NSPI award-winning swimming pool contractor that began serving the discriminating pool public in 1963 -- originally as Paddock Floridian Pools. Since our beginning, we have constructed thousands of commercial and residential swimming pools from Tallahassee to Key West. Today, because of economies of scale and our desire to serve you, we limit our construction and renovation work to the south Florida counties of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. Our offices, warehouse, and yard are located in Oakland Park, on the north side of Ft. Lauderdale.

Our market is primarily concentrated on new pool construction, renovation and repair. The typical Florida Pool Corporation customer comes to us from referrals, and is price and quality motivated. Florida Pool Corporation's objective is to serve and to have satisfied customers. We achieve these goals by experience, the best of materials, innovative pool products and design, and by listening to our customers. There will be no expensive surprises or unplanned extras. Quality and satisfaction are our priorities.


Contact Information

Contact us if you have any questions

954 565 2165
954 563 0443 (call first)
Postal address
110 NE 32 Court, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33334
Electronic mail
General Information: info@floridapoolcorp.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: webmaster@floridapoolcorp.com


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