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Lauderdale Tile

Options and pool accessories used on our cool pools. Feel free to browse and use our ideas.   Please click the photo to enlarge, for viewing.

Octagon spa w/ glass front

Raised spa w/ 2 waterfalls

Covered fiberglass spa

Natural rock waterfall into spa

Glass block spa

Rectangular spa, glass front

Raised spa

Florida rock spa

1970,s vintage table in spa

Composite rockfall, rock coping

Florida rock pond flowing into pool

Bronze girl W/F, trough into pool

Inside table, bench

Raised water feature

40' pool w/ 4 windows below water

Spa w/ telescopic fountain

Negative edge spa

Raised Spa

Raised Spa

Raised water feature

Raised patio, water feature

Trellis spa

Negative edge tank

Florida rockfall

Rock Spa

Raised wall water feature

Vanishing Edge

Curved W/F

Renovation Spa

Stonehedge Water Feature

Spa - Victoria Park

Badu jet in pedestal

Pebble Tech finish

Black Granite rim

Contoured Spa w/ Glass Tile

Spa in Action

Sheer Desent W/F, Deck Jets

Ft Lauderdale, tiled overflow spa w/o water

Overflow spa w/ water

Overflow spa at night

Granite overflow spa

Marble shelf steps

This photo gallery is a mix of spas and pool accessories that Florida Pool has built over the years. We are currently building vanishing edge (negative edge) spas and pools with geyser and fountain attachments.

Why use Florida pool Corporation.

bulletYou deal with a family owned corporation
bulletWe are not a franchise company. We can use the best products in the market.
bulletIf you can think of a dream pool, we will figure out how to build it.


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